Thursday, June 3, 2010

The US WILPF Gathering will take place at Wing Farm in Rochester, Vermont from Wednesday, July 20 to Sunday, July 24, 2011.

If you are planning to come please register now (see registration form on sidebar), or e-mail us with arrival and departure dates at


4 pm: Early birds welcome.

6:30: DINNER. Meet and greet.


10 am: Up for grabs

12 noon: LUNCH

2 pm: film The Whistleblower, based on the story of Madeleine Rees, now International Secretary-General of WILPF

4 pm: Militarism as cause of the environmental crisis: with Burlington feminist and activist Peggy Luhrs

6 pm: DINNER

7:30 pm: Vermont victories and struggles: health care: with Vt. State Representative progressive Sandy Haas and Megan Sheehan of the Vermont Workers Center. Also a Burlington report...

FRIDAY: July 22


9:30 am: Rwanda: A slowly growing WILPF section is happening: Paij Wadley-Bailey will tell us about it. She will be going to Rwanda later this summer.

10:30: WILPF : planning for the 100th Anniversary and beyond, with Tanya Henderson, US WILPF's new National Director, Robin Lloyd, chair of the Development Committee, and others on conference call.

12 noon: LUNCH

2 pm: Abolishing Nuclear Weapons & Nuclear Power: with Hattie Nestel, with support from her sisters in the Shut It Down Affinity Group: including Frances Crowe

4 pm: Report from The Audacity of Hope, and the struggle to free Gaza with Paki Weiland, recently detained in Greece!!
6 pm: DINNER

7 pm:The Arab Spring: with Cathy Breen, a Catholic Worker who visits with and helps Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan; and Charlotte Dennett (of Pipeline Politics fame), who recently revisited her birthplace, Lebanon.



9:30 Women Connect with the Earth: Quaker environmentalist Ruah Swennerfelt, reporting on her travels visiting Transition Towns in Europe and Israel, and Gwendolyn Hallsmith, organizer of the recent tour of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to Vermont, and director, Planning and Community Development for the city of Montpelier, VT. Also participating are Paij Wadley-Bailey and anthropologist Eleanor Ott.
12 noon: LUNCH

2 pm: Women's Human Rights: domestic and international dimensions: with US WILPF president Laura Roskos, with participation from Denise Johnson, recently retired justice of Vermont's Supreme Court. Plus a report on the upcoming Intl WILPF Congress in Costa Rica.
4 pm: Tea time
4:30 pm: Gifts from within: Four poets and a novelist will read from their work. Cora Brooks, Merry Gangemi, Alexis Lathem, Eleanor Ott and Spencer Smith

7 pm: DINNER (later than usual)

8 pm Where do we go from here? Bring the war dollars home, with Marilyn Levin and Pat O'Brien, activists with the United National Anti-War Committee (UNAC).

Sunday: July 24


9:30 am: Wrap up
11:30 am: LUNCH (last meal)