Monday, June 8, 2015

Gathering 2015 - August 13-16

All events will take place at Wing Farm, 222 Wing Farm Rd., in Rochester VT 05767, except as indicated. Ph:  802-355-3256 until 8/12; after that: 802-767-3270. Breakfast is from 8 to 9:30 am.
Thursday, August 13
3 pm: Registration/Welcome
5:30 pm Dinner
7 pm: Paki Weiland: "The Fight for Women's Reproductive Rights in the Americas. THIS MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE ROCHESTER PUBLIC LIBRARY which is ON THE GREEN IN ROCHESTER, 22 S. Main St.
Friday, August 14
10 am Sandy Baird and Bee Bookchin: The legacy of Murray Bookchin:  Decentralized Communities as part of a Radical Politics.
12 noon:  Lunch
2 pm: Cheryl Diersch:  Women and Incarceration in the US
4 pm: Cyndy Bittinger Women on the 10 dollar bill:  who, when, why??
6 pm Dinner
7:30 Barbara Soros:  The Sixth Extinction: It Will Happen.
9 pm Late night show: The Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue: An Al Jazeera  documentary that highlights the persistence of Wilpf member Ellen Thomas and two others to obtain nuclear disarmament.
Saturday, August 15
9:30 am:  Carol Urner and Ellen Thomas: Could we be moving towards nuclear disarmament?
11 am: Hattie Nestel on Stopping the Pipelines! (especially the one traversing MA). She will be joined by Judy Wolter, whose home is in the path of the pipeline, near a proposed gas compression station.
12 noon: Lunch
2 pm:  Middle East Report: Janet Biehl: Women and the Kurds; and Charlotte Dennett , "Who's Behind Isis? And Why?"
4 pm: Joan Ecklein: The BRICS: (Brazil, Russia, India,, China, South Africa): Is there a fundamental realignment   of power  signified by the BRICS conferences that could lead  to the United States’ loss of its preeminent role in  waging war?
6 pm: Dinner
7:15: Robin, Charlotte Dennett, Barbara Soros, Joan Ecklein, Carol Urner and Nancy Ramsden: Report on the Hague Conference:  Do Women have the Power to stop War? 
Sunday, August 16
Pancake Breakfast
9:30 Building WILPF: Next steps. Nancy Ramsden, and others
12 noon: Lunch and discussion with Donna and John Moody: Donna will discuss racism and the struggle against racism from an indigenous perspective. Donna is obtaining her PhD at the U. of Mass/Amherst. She is asking whether anthropology can be salvaged from it's18th to 19th century origins in colonialism and genocide.  Anthropology has primarily been used to control and put indigenous peoples in the Americas and around the world 'under glass'.   She will also discuss the increasing militarization of anthropology and other social sciences by the United States and other western powers in the 20th and 21st century wars. This is part of the wider discussion about the role of women and elders in articulating resistance.

The Gathering takes place at Robin Lloyd's family farm, Wing Farm. It is located near the scenic village of Rochester, VT in the heart of the Green Mountains, on Rte 100. There is a main house, a former granary, garden, barns, a pond, hills and forests to walk amongst, and a sauna. The Gathering is an opportunity for WILPF women to get together in an informal atmosphere to swim, think, and relax while we rant, rave, and plan for Growing WILPF!

Lodging accommodates 20 (more if you're willing to camp in a tent). Cost is $25 a night for room and board. (More ($35) if you're not a paid up WILPF member!!) Financial assistance is available.

 Please send reservations to: Or call 802-355-3256 for info.